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A portfolio of possibilities

From staple fiber to filament yarn, the Naiafrom Eastman portfolio gives designers the freedom they need to create sustainable textiles for everyone — with no compromise to quality or creativity.

Close-up of blue knit fabric draping luxuriously

Naia Renew

We’ve developed Naia Renew fibers to create a more sustainable textiles industry. Produced from 60% sustainable wood pulp and 40% recycled waste material via GRS-certified mass balance, Naia Renew allows us to create a better world where waste is diverted from landfills, our carbon footprint is reduced and natural resources are preserved. We make sustainable fibers for sustainable textiles with zero trade-offs on comfort, quality or ease of care.

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Naia Renew ES

This enhanced sustainability fiber helps us protect and preserve the planet’s resources. Eastman Naia Renew ES is made with increased certified recycled content.* Produced from 60% recycled waste material via GRS-certified mass balance and 40% sustainable wood pulp, this innovative fiber requires fewer virgin materials. Naia Renew ES is our answer to the overconsumption of raw materials, the growing plastic and textile waste problem, and rising greenhouse gases.

*Certified via ISCC mass balance allocation 

Close-up of folded emerald-green fabric
Close-up of satiny, brown fabric


Our legacy product is a great starting point for brands beginning their sustainability journey. With full traceability from tree to fiber, Naia cellulosic fiber is made in the USA with the highest safety, social and environmental standards. It’s created in a safe, closed-loop process where solvents are recycled back into the system for reuse. Naia has an optimized, low-impact manufacturing process with a low tree-to-fiber carbon and water footprint. It’s certified biodegradable and compostable. 

Staple fiber

You can create the most luscious, eco-friendly blends that consumers crave. Naia staple fibers are the perfect choice for comfy casual wear like T-shirts, hoodies, loungewear and sweaters. They’re also luxuriously soft and comfortable for home textiles like bedding and towels.

Raw Naia™ staple fibers shown beside a yellow knit fabric.

Filament yarn

Luxurious features like silky hand and rich color, coupled with comfort and easy care, make Naia filament yarn the must-have component for luxurious fashions. From ready-to-wear garments to fashion linings, Naia filament yarn helps transform fabrics.

A spool of Naia™ filament yarn sits beside multicolored fabric.

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