​​Introducing a no-change solution that changes everything

You can start using a more sustainable plasticizer—without making any change at all.

Today, sustainability is on everybody’s radar—especially in the food packaging, building and construction, and consumer goods markets. Yet product performance remains paramount, and the right plasticizer can make all the difference.

Now there’s a new line of plasticizers that do even more.

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At Eastman, we’re replacing traditional fossil feedstocks with renewable content—reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the process—to create a line of plasticizers that represent ISCC-certified recycled content. Powered by molecular recycling that diverts plastic waste from landfills, incinerators, and our oceans, our Renew family of plasticizers are drop-in replacements that don’t compromise performance. Renew products also reduce greenhouse gas emissions compared to those manufactured with fossil feedstocks.

There’s no need to change formulations, processes, storage, or certifications. That’s because they’re chemically identical to the legacy plasticizers you trust. In essence, it’s a “no-change change” that can transform your brand and help improve the environment.

Sustainability without compromise: Drop-in solutions identical in chemical makeup, performance, and regulatory certifications

Sustainability without greenwashing: ISCC-certified renewable content

Sustainability without waiting: Available at scale—right now

Eastman Renew plasticizers can be used as drop-in replacements without compromising performance. Eastman 168™ Renew non-phthalate plasticizer, for example, delivers the same rheological properties as legacy Eastman 168, the long-standing standard in safety and performance. That’s because Eastman 168 Renew is identical in chemical makeup, performance, and regulatory certifications to Eastman 168. 

This “no-change change” toward greater sustainability is made possible through mass balance accounting, the most efficient and immediate path for formulators, compounders, manufacturers, and brands to meaningfully enhance their sustainability stories without changing formulations, processes, storage, or certifications.

Drop in to greater sustainability. Right now.

You don’t have to wait to address your sustainability goals. You can take advantage of Eastman’s line of Renew plasticizers—available at scale—right now. Our existing manufacturing facilities enable us to use waste plastic as feedstocks. Eastman Advanced Circular Recycling is operational, certified, and delivering now, enabling your brand to credibly do its part to address the global plastic waste problem.

Because Renew products are chemically the same as the plasticizers you currently use and trust, switching to Renew plasticizers as drop-in replacements is an easy way for your brand to promote greater sustainability.

It’s the right thing to do. By making choices that reduce waste, formulators, compounders, manufacturers, and brands can do their part toward creating a better future for all.

What’s more, choosing Eastman 168 Renew, Eastman DOA Renew, and Eastman Triacetin Renew can create valuable brand differentiation in a market eager for sustainable alternatives—hassle-free.

Committed to a more sustainable future

With our unique molecular recycling technology, we’re working to create a wide range of plasticizers that could contain even higher percentages of recycled content to meet the growing demands for sustainability. Eastman is also committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by using more natural energy—which can help lower the carbon footprint of our products.

It’s your same formula—but with a world of difference. Contact your Eastman plasticizers representative or complete this contact form today to see how you can get started.

Visit Eastman.eco to learn more about Eastman’s commitment to advancing the circular economy and our Advanced Circular Recycling technologies.

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