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Plasticizers are widely used and play a vital role in improving the lives of billions. From homes and cars to the office and children's toys, plasticizers are in countless products. They enhance product flexibility and performance, providing added value.

However, when it comes to your application, you need more than just any plasticizer. You need a reliable plasticizer manufacturer. Eastman has been an industry leader in the plasticizer field for more than 75 years. Our products make the jobs of formulators, compounders and manufacturers easier and the products consumers use better.

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The Eastman difference

With more than 75 years of experience producing plasticizers, Eastman has established itself as a proven manufacturer and trusted supplier. Our global manufacturing and storage capabilities span North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia. With stock closer to end markets, we can reduce lead times, minimize transportation costs and help customers gain better control over inventory levels.

Our products meet the needs of a changing regulatory landscape. Our extensive non-phthalate plasticizer line helps remove materials of concern from formulations while retaining the durability and reliability our customers have depended on for more than half a century.

Eastman’s plasticizers provide important benefits, including good fusion profiles, low-temperature flexibility and excellent heat stability, for both general-purpose and specialty applications. Eastman also offers a comprehensive range of polymeric plasticizers for use in applications that require very low plasticizer migration and/or extended product durability.

Discover how our plasticizers can expand your capabilities today.

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Find the right match

Our extensive product line has a range of options to meet your plasticizer needs. Our breadth of plasticizer options and ability to develop new products can give you a long-lasting competitive advantage.

Explore the options to find a solution to your needs.

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