Chemical Coatings Solutions


We offer one of the most diverse product portfolios in the coatings industry.

Eastman is committed to delivering innovation and solutions for coatings applications. For more than 70 years, we have been a leading provider of high-quality raw materials for the global paint and coatings industry.

Performance Technologies

Low VOC, Non-VOC, and Non-HAP Technologies

  • Coalescents, providing a wide range of attributes to meet desired performance and regulatory needs
  • Additives (waterborne), allowing formulators to significantly reduce VOC content in trim and wall paints by replacing volatile glycols while improving open time and wet edge.
  • Additives (waterborne), designed to improve the application, productivity, and performance of automotive (OEM & refinish) coatings
  • Additives (solventborne), developed for high-solids coatings to provide decreased tack-free time, improved sag resistance, and wider window for polishing with minimal impact on VOC content.
  • Specialty ketones with excellent solvent activity for developing high-solids coatings
  • Ester solvents, including non-HAP products with low MIR values
  • Methyl acetate, a VOC-exempt solvent in the U.S.
  • Waterborne adhesion promoters, both chlorinated and non-chlorinated, designed to provide excellent adhesion to modified polypropylene substrates and other plastics
  • Resin intermediates for developing resins useful in powder, high-solids or waterborne coatings
  • Sulfopolyesters A broad range of physical properties that satisfy the formulators’ performance requirements.
Eastman Optifilm™ additive OT1200
Eastman is proud to introduce Eastman Optifilm™ additive OT1200.
Eastman is proud to introduce Eastman Optifilm™ additive OT1200, a low VOC additive for water-based trim and wall paint.
Eastman Solus™ - in the automotive industry
Resin Intermediates
Where to buy Eastman Spectar™ copolyester
Serving the resins market for coatings, composites and gel coats, adhesives, and inks applications.
Eastman™ Solvents
Eastman™ Solvents
Eastman's broad portfolio of oxygenated solvents enables formulators to satisfy the most stringent performance/environmental requirements.
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