Accelerate your formulation development timelines.

What is Eastman FastER?

Eastman FastER (Formulation Assistance for Extended Release) is a web-based tool that suggests a starting formulation for extended-release coatings for oral solid dosages. FastER uses a statistical algorithm developed by Eastman based on insights from several formulation studies carried out with a fairly water-soluble active pharmaceutical ingredient (API).

What is the benefit for drug formulators?

Pharmaceutical formulators often spend a considerable amount of time and effort experimenting, analyzing, and revising while developing new drug formulations. FastER provides access to starting point formulations tailored to the desired dissolution profile (drug release over a period of time), accelerating time to market. The suggested formulation contains the ratio of Eastman cellulose ester polymers to be used along with the coating percentage to achieve the desired dissolution.

What are the starting formulations based on?

Over the course of several years, Eastman conducted numerous formulation studies based on the design of experiments (DoE) principle. We ascertained that the results could be explained and modeled to help formulators in the development phase. Based on the DoE formulation studies, Eastman built a predictive algorithm that provides starting formulations tailored to formulator inputs.

How accurate is the starting formulation?

Eastman FastER is intended to help pharmaceutical formulators accelerate development timelines. While we trust that the tool suggests formulations that are directionally correct, other parameters could affect the dissolution, such as amount and type of plasticizer, amount and type of other ingredients in the formulations, coating equipment, or other conditions. For further inquiries, send your question via the contact form and one of our technical experts will be in touch.

Which pharmaceutical ingredients are included?

Eastman FastER is a first-generation online tool based on several formulation studies conducted with one API. We are committed to working with our customers to continue to improve and expand its capabilities to meet market needs.