BioSustane for other potential applications

Although no data from in-house studies for these applications yet exists, Eastman BioSustane™ SAIB NF shows potential in the following applications based on publicly available information:

  • Radiopaque fiducial tissue markers using BioSustane as an injectable carrier
  • Injectable compositions for promoting bone growth
  • Ophthalmic injectable formulations to provide sustained drug delivery
  • Topical compositions to deliver active ingredients
  • Carrier for viscous, needleless injectable formulations
  • Carrier for nasal delivery of hormones
  • Sustained release of actives from softgel capsules
  • Formulations with mucoadhesive properties

BioSustane is an excipient with multiple functionalities that help drug formulators find new ways to solve formulation challenges. To learn more about these potential applications, contact our experts.