Innovation that endures

When healthcare professionals use plastic-based materials in patient care, they expect them to provide safety and proven performance. That means they must deliver the high clarity, durability, strength, and chemical resistance expectations set and, if possible, be better for the environment. It’s a tall order for many manufacturers, but our healthcare standard-setting technology ensures these benefits.

Collaboration is key.

It’s not just the superior toughness, chemical resistance, impact strength, and color stability of our products that sets Eastman apart. It’s also the effort we put into collaborating with our customers and partners to match them with the best possible materials for their projects.

We understand that choosing the right polymer is as much about protecting the patient as it is about device performance. That’s why our experts work closely with our customers and offer support for their projects from the laboratory through market development and beyond.

Because our customers are working hard to make medical products that are better for the environment, we are continually developing insights and technology that help them reach those goals. We offer sustainable manufacturing methods and materials as well as wide-ranging capabilities such as on-site technical support, postmolding testing, and downstream handling advice.


See what experts at Tek Pak and Pacur say about using Eastman Eastalite™ copolyester as a sustainable alternative to high-impact polystyrene and Eastar™ 6763 copolyester in their rigid medical packaging.

Improved production efficiency

Manufacturers of medical products look for materials that help them work faster, cleaner, and more efficiently. Specialty polymers from Eastman allow for custom extrusions and thermoforming that require less heat and less energy removal, so production machines can run more quickly. Additional benefits include:

  • No annealing required
  • Fast cycle times 
  • Printability 
  • Improved package heat sealability

Brands that perform better

To make the most durable medical products on the market, manufacturers need a variety of high-performance polymer options. From our innovative, sustainable Eastman Tritan™ Renew to tried-and-true elastomers like Eastman Ecdel™, we offer a variety of brands that help our customers become the best in their field.

We understand how important it is for medical products to meet strict sustainability guidelines. Eastar Renew 6763 and Tritan Renew are made using molecular recycling technology, which helps them meet hospital Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP) guidelines while offering durability, performance, and safety.

All Eastman medical polymers offer superior clarity, toughness, and chemical resistance. Selecting the right Eastman polymer for your application depends on several factors. Need high heat resistance or cold-chain compatibility in rigid medical packaging? Check out Eastman Tritan MP100. Looking for an alternative to high-impact polystyrene (HIPS) in opaque applications? Learn about our Eastalite foamed copolyester, a sustainable solution that allows for more lightweight products. Need a material for dental aligners that ensures better predictability of teeth movement while resisting stains? Take a look at Eastman Tritan™ copolyester.

For pharmaceutical and rigid medical packaging,
our complete portfolio of brands includes:

  • Eastar™ 6763 copolyester, which is the industry standard. Design your packaging solutions with confidence and with the best properties by choosing 6763 for its easy extruding and molding with no dusting or stress whitening.

  • Eastar™ Renew 6763 copolyester, which offers brands looking for a robust sustainability story a solution for rigid medical packaging that can be implemented now without sacrificing performance or traceability.

  • Eastman Tritan™ MP100 copolyester, when high heat resistance, better post-sterilization, and color retention or performance in cryogenic conditions are needed.

  • Eastalite™ copolyester, an opaque, foamed alternative to HIPS that results in less particulates during manufacturing—great for living hinges and intricate molding details.

For medical device applications,
our complete portfolio of brands includes:

  • Eastman Tritan, a copolyester with superior toughness, clarity, and chemical resistance for demanding healthcare environments.

  • Eastman Tritan MXF portfolio of resins for electronic medical device housings with flame resistance.

  • DuraStar™ polymer, which offers a good balance of clarity, toughness, and chemical resistance in a more affordable option.

  • Tenite™ cellulosics, made from 100% renewable softwood materials and available in clear, amber, and black.

  • Ecdel™, a plasticizer-free copolyester elastomer (COPE) that’s ideal for bioprocessing containers.

Learn all about our brands for medical products