Medical polymers that make a difference

When healthcare professionals use plastic-based materials in patient care, they expect them to provide safety and proven performance. That means they must deliver the high clarity, durability, strength, and chemical resistance expectations set and, if possible, be better for the environment. It’s a tall order for many manufacturers, but our healthcare standard-setting technology ensures these benefits.

Sustainable solutions in medical products

Sustainable solutions in medical products Sustainable solutions in medical products

The healthcare industry is working toward a sustainable future, in part by choosing durable medical materials that are manufactured with the environment in mind. Eastman is helping the industry reach these goals through our molecular recycling technologies, one of the steps we’re taking to make the switch to a circular economy. Our industry-leading approach will enable medical customers to select proven materials that offer an improved environmental footprint.

How we partner with you

How we partner with you How we partner with you

Through a variety of brands, a strong belief in collaboration, and decades of experience, Eastman helps medical manufacturers choose the best polymers for each application. We understand that materials used in the healthcare environment must offer clarity, durability, chemical resistance, and production efficiency—and our specialty polymers deliver all that and more.

Working together for better products and a better future