The sustainable polymers of the future—available today

Our customers and partners aren’t waiting around to make the world a better place and neither are we. At Eastman, we’re revolutionizing sustainability in medical polymers with our Eastman Renew materials, which contain up to 50% ISCC-certified recycled content.*

Polymers made using our molecular recycling technologies use fewer fossil-based resources, meaning that they contribute to a cleaner environment by emitting less greenhouse gases and reducing our carbon footprint. This molecular recycling breaks down plastic waste into fundamental building blocks to be used again in manufacturing processes—diverting plastic waste from landfills and the environment.

Eastman Renew medical polymers offer the same high-performance benefits—such as clarity, safety, and durability—as our legacy Eastman products that manufacturers have trusted for generations. Renew adds the promise of sustainability that is so important in today’s medical products.

Eastar Renew 6763 copolyester 

Eastar™ Renew 6763 copolyester

Eastar™ Renew 6763, a clear, amorphous, medical-grade copolyester for pharmaceutical and rigid medical packaging, delivers clarity, puncture resistance, chemical resistance, and ease of processing—just as our Eastar 6763, the world’s standard for rigid medical packaging, has for decades.

Eastar Renew 6763 provides: 

  • Superior, long-term clarity for easy identification of instruments
  • Excellent puncture resistance and impact toughness
  • Excellent ability to be subjected to almost all methods of sterilization
  • Superior optical and physical property stability post-sterilization

Eastman Tritan™ Renew copolyester

Eastman Tritan™ Renew is a medical-grade copolyester that is indistinguishable in chemical makeup and performance from legacy Tritan polymers. It’s an easy choice that can enhance the sustainability of your packaging without the need to undergo a major requalification of the resins.

For fluid management components and blood-contact devices, the advantages of Tritan Renew include:

  • Chemical resistance to oncology drugs and lipid-based carriers
  • Being free of BPA, halogens, and other materials of concern
  • Reduced scrap rate from reduced cracking and black specks
  • No color shift after sterilization

For electronic device housings used in the medical environment, Tritan Renew delivers: 

  • Chemical resistance to a wide range of hospital disinfectants
  • Toughness after exposure to a wide range of hospital disinfectants
  • True color match and retention
  • A flame-retardant UL 94 FR V-2 flammability rating

Eastman Tritan™ Renew copolyester
*Certified recycled content allocated using ISCC mass balance.

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