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3-(N-Benzyl-N-Ethylamino) Acetanilide 
3-(N-Benzyl-N-ethylamino)acetanilide is a brown solid melting at 104° C that is used as a photographic chemical.

Ethylene - Liquid 
Eastman™ liquid ethylene is a highly flammable, colorless, nontoxic gas with a characteristic sweet odor and taste. Applications include refrigerant fluid for low temperatures, monomer for polyethylene and waxes, and a reactant.

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1,3,5-Triisopropylbenzene (TIPB) - 97% 
Eastman™ 1,3,5-TIPB (1,3,5-Triisopropylbenzene), 97% is a clear, high-boiling, odorless liquid.

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