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Spectar 14471 Copolyester 
Eastman Spectar™ copolyester (PETG) gives you the strength to create and worry less about breakage. Its toughness allows fabricators to use thinner gauge sheet than with other common materials, resulting in lower material costs. Eastman Spectar™ copolyester can be finished easily. Its edges can be polished by using commercial edge-finishing equipment, sanding, solvents, flame-polishing or buffing. It forms clear, strong bonds with commercially available cements and solvents.

Spectar FR1000 Copolyester 
Eastman Spectar™ FR1000 copolyester concentrate can be added to Spectar, and other Eastman copolyesters to produce extruded sheet and profiles which meet ASTM E-84 requirements for a Class A flammability rating for interior finish applications.


Spectar Frost Copolyester 
Eastman Spectar Frost™ copolyester (PETG) has a matte finish with outstanding durability and toughness that enables displays and fixtures to use thinner gauge sheet than other common materials. Eastman Spectar Frost™ retains its matte finish when thermoformed, hot bent and after other fabrication processes.

Product availability by region: Europe, Middle East & Africa | North America

Spectar Stratus Copolyester 
Spectar Stratus copolyester (PETG) was formulated specifically for the lighting market. Spectar Stratus brings your projects to light with excellent diffusion and high light transmission and superb processability with a low thermoforming temperature, no need to pre-dry before thermoforming, ease of cutting, and cold bending capability.


Spectar UV Copolyester 
Eastman Spectar UV™ copolyester (PETG) is a versatile copolyester that extrudes into plastic sheet that is sparkling clear, tough, chemically resistant, odor free, easy to work with, and affordable. It is easy to fabricate, allowing greater design freedom. It can be laser cut, routed, welded, drilled, die-punched, bent hot or cold, or joined by screws, rivets, or bolts.

Product availability by region: Asia Pacific | Latin America | North America

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