Medical housings and hardware

Changing materials can have durable benefits. Our medical device housing materials are opaque, BPA-free polymers that offer excellent chemical resistance and can deliver:

  • Superior impact resistance and durability after disinfection, compared to commonly used materials such as PC, PC/ABS, PC/PBT, or PC/PET
  • Glossy, clean finish after repeated applications of bleach and alcohol
  • Reduced downtime and repair costs
  • Custom coloring available through the Eastman Color Technology Center
  • Less noise in devices where sound reduction is valued
  • Processability—moldability and resistance to solvents
  • Halogen-free formulation does not require stainless steel tooling.
  • Eastman technical and design assistance, including TritanMoldIt.com
  • Flame resistance (Underwriters Laboratories [UL] 94 V2 flame rating)

Collaboration with Eastman can help you crack the code of long-lasting durability in medical diagnostic and electronic devices.

To learn more about how Eastman materials can help extend the life of your medical device housings and hardware, watch one of our videos or contact us now.

  Compatibility with
  Commonly used
  Medical housings
and hardware
  Disinfectants  Damaged Device  Device 
Our opaque materials are compatible with aggressive disinfectants used to prevent healthcare-associated infections (HAIs).
Medical devices made with commonly used materials can crack, discolor, and become brittle after repeated cleanings.
Even after repeated disinfecting to prevent HAIs, devices made with Eastman materials retain aesthetics and impact resistance.
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