Other products

Chemical intermediates for raw materials

Eastman manufactures a variety of acids, aldehydes, and anhydrides for use in the production of cosmetics or fragrance ingredients. Many of these raw materials are available in reagent, food, feed, kosher, and USP grades. Acetic acid is offered in several dilution strengths. Aldehydes are fundamental in the production of solvents, glycol ethers, butyrate esters, plasticizers, acrylates, and many other chemicals and plastics. Ultimately, some of these ingredients become part of cosmetics and perfumes.

Hydrocarbon and rosin resins

Eastman offers a range of rosin resins and hydrocarbon derivatives as adhesion promoters and film formers. Gum rosin is obtained from live pine trees through special harvesting techniques and distillation. Additional processing steps, such as hydrogenation and esterification, produce rosin derivatives having various levels of color, hardness, oxidative resistance, solubility, and compatibility. These products provide valuable properties in numerous applications by improving adhesion, reducing surface tension, and controlling viscosity. Selected rosin resins are used in epilatories, makeup, and hair-grooming products, where they function as tackifiers, skin conditioners, and/or emulsifying agents.