Skin care ingredients

Skin care

From sunscreens to moisturizing creams, Eastman offers a variety of ingredients to improve skin care formulations. Eastman supplies novel ester technology and functional film formers.

By carefully selecting the alcohol and acid components, the ester derivative can show superior performance, increased stability and solubility, and better skin compatibility compared to the starting alcohol or acid. Eastman has developed this technology to manufacture derivatives of retinol, idebenone, resveratrol, DMAE, kojic acid, and azelaic acid.

Performance attributes of Eastman ingredients for the skin care industry:

  • Stabilize oils, especially unsaturated oils
  • Skin lightening
  • Great solubility and compatibility with other ingredients
  • Sustainably manufactured

Sun care

Eastman supplies the sun care segment of the personal care industry with Eastman AQ™ 38S polymer, a water-dispersible film former that has the capability to greatly improve water resistance in a variety of sunscreen lotions and sprays for the care and protection of the skin. It is found to be valuable in increasing the duration of UV protection in sunscreen formulas. For example, AQ 38S offers superior water resistance, providing retention of UV absorbers on the skin even during water exposure. It is characterized by ultrafine dispersions, is an excellent film former, is perfect for use in water-resistant sunscreens, requires no neutralization, goes into the water phase, and aids the emulsification of oil-phase UV absorbers and other organic emollients usually present in sunscreen emulsions.

Performance attributes of Eastman ingredients for the sun care industry:

  • Improved water resistance in a variety of sunscreens
  • Increased duration of UV protection
  • Excellent film formation
  • Polymers are added to the water phase.

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