Nail care ingredients

Eastman offers a variety of ingredients to improve gloss, hardness, and dry times in nail polishes and lacquers.

Cellulose esters are polymers used by the nail care industry as film former,s as films formed from cellulose esters have fast solvent release. Compared to nitrocellulose, cellulose esters are nonyellowing and have excellent clarity and stability. Eastman’s cellulose esters can be safely used in nail care products and are easily pigmented.

Eastman plasticizers are used by the nail care industry to increase the flexibility of films. Consumers expect their nails to look good for five to seven days after a manicure. If films are overly plasticized, they will dry too slowly and become dull because of marring. If the plasticizer is too volatile, it will evaporate and the film will become brittle. Eastman supplies SAIB 90 and SAIB 90-EA to the nail care industry.

Methyl acetate, high purity, an Eastman ester commonly used in nail care products, evaporates very fast. It is also exempt from regulation as a VOC under U.S. federal law and can be used in nonacetone nail polish removers.

Performance attributes of Eastman ingredients for the nail care industry:

  • Rapid viscosity increase as solvent is released–fast drying
  • Excellent flow and leveling properties
  • Excellent clarity, low color, and high-gloss films
  • Good pigment wetting and dispersion
  • Excellent metallic flake and matting aid orientation
  • Nonflammable
  • Good adhesion to the nail

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