For product development, personal care and cosmetics formulators need innovative solutions to create and successfully introduce new products with tangible consumer benefits. Eastman is committed to establishing original technologies and fresh ideas for those formulators. Our global team of personal care and cosmetics experts is continually seeking new ways to help formulators improve product performance and the product development cycle.

​ Eyes & face color
  BB creamEastman AQ 38S and Sustane SAIB  English 
  Lip glossSustane SAIB
  LipstickSustane SAIB English    |    Portuguese 
  Liquid lipstickSustane SAIB MCT
  Long-wear lipstickSustane SAIB MCT
  Long-wear and water-resistant foundationEastman AQ 38S and Sustane SAIB MCT English
  Water-base foundationEastman AQ 38S English 
  Water-resistant anhydrous mascaraSustane SAIB
  Water-resistant mascaraEastman AQ 55S and Sustane SAIB MCT English 
  Waterproof mascaraEastman AQ 55S English 
 Hair care
  Clear 55% VOC hair sprayEastman AQ 48 ultra English    |    Portuguese 
  Clear conditioning gelsEastman AQ 48 and UCARE polymers JR English    |    Portuguese 
  Creamy, strong-hold pomadeEastman AQ 48 ultra and Sustane SAIB English 
  Hair-styling creamEastman AQ 55S English 
  Medium-to-strong-hold pomadeEastman AQ 48 ultra English 
  Spray gelEastman AQ 48 ultra English 
 Nail care
  Chrome/mirror-effect nail polishCellulose acetate butyrate English    |    Portuguese 
  Fast-drying, clear topcoat nail polishCAB 381-0.5 English 
 Skin care
  AntiagingGEM retinyl linoleate
  Antiaging eye creamGEM retinyl sunflowerate English 
  Antiaging moisturizationGEM retinyl sunflowerate English 
  Antiaging skin careGEM retinyl sunflowerate English 
  French green clay face maskEastman AQ 38S English 
  Green clay and aloe peel-off maskEastman AQ 55 English 
  Light face oilGEM retinyl sunflowerate English 
  Long-wear antiaging serumGEM retinyl sunflowerate English 
  Moisturizing face creamEastman AQ 38S and Sustane SAIB MCT English 
  Sheet mask emulsionGEM retinyl linoleate
  SPF 50 sunscreen sprayEastman AQ 38S
  Water-resistant sunscreen lotionEastman AQ 38S English 
  Zinc oxide sunscreen lotionEastman AQ 38S and Sustane SAIB MCT English 

If the formulation you are interested in is not listed here, please contact us for more information.