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Your customers often purchase fine fragrances and perfumes on first impressions. The initial fragrance top notes set their expectation for how your fragrance should smell throughout the day. With the help of Eastman Sustane™ CG 200 fragrance fixative, you can extend that first fragrance profile — exceeding both expectations and the competition.

Sustane fragrance fixative is a specially formulated sucrose acetate isobutyrate (SAIB), derived from natural sugar and in an easy-to-handle liquid. Sustane interacts with specific molecules in fragrance mixtures to lower vapor pressure and slow down evaporation.

When you formulate with Eastman Sustane fragrance fixative, you give your customers what they want: a scent that exemplifies and reinforces their personality — all day.

Key benefits

  • Provides longevity to a wide variety of fragrances 
  • Derived from sucrose, a natural sugar 
  • Inherently biodegradable 
  • Odorless 
  • Easy to handle

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Eastman Sustane™ CG 200 fragrance fixative promotes longevity in fine fragrance and personal care formulations.

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