Specialty Plastics

More than polymers. Proven performers.
Dependable copolyesters for your next project

The world is discovering the difference between polyethylene terephthalates (PET) and polyester terephthalate glycols (PETG), copolyesters that provide the advantages of uncompromised clarity, toughness, chemical resistance, flexibility, printability, and more.

At Eastman, we design copolyesters and PETG by tailoring the composition, morphology, and molecular weight of copolymers—fine tuning the components and arrangements of polymer chains to fit specific market needs.

That’s why you’ll find us working with some of the world’s most innovative and pioneering brands. The true genius of Eastman copolymers doesn’t lie in where you’ll find them today—it’s where you’ll find them tomorrow.

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MARKET Amphora Cadence Cerfis Cristal DuraStar Eastalite Eastar Ecdel Embrace Flexvue Provista Spectar Tenite The Glass Polymer Tritan
3D printing               
Building & construction             
Consumer goods              
Commercial housewares              
Consumer housewares              
Infant care              
Medical devices            
Opaque medical devices              
Rigid medical packaging             
Pharmaceutical packaging             
Bulk water              
Food & beverage packaging              
Cosmetic & personal care packaging            
Shrink labels               
Safety & leisure              
Transaction cards              
Visual merchandising            
Water bottles              
Water filtration              
In mold decorating              
PROCESSAmphoraCadenceCerfisCristalDuraStarEastaliteEastarEcdelEmbraceFlexvueProvistaSpectarTeniteThe Glass PolymerTritan
3D Printing               
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