Eastman Aventa Renew compostable materials

Uncompromising performance meets uncompromising sustainability

Knife and fork made with Aventa Renew compostable material.

A unique opportunity in a singular solution

Food service packaging creates needless waste. But what if it didn’t? What if it were truly compostable and broke down in soil with no remaining microplastics while performing like traditional plastic? Uncompromising performance meets uncompromising sustainability in a material that’s here today. Meet Aventa™ Renew compostable materials.

Diagram shows how Aventa Renew material is made for compostable food service packaging.


Made responsibly with renewable and certified recycled content

Diverting waste from landfills and combining it with responsibly sourced wood pulp1 to create 100% compostable packaging that ultimately becomes earth-nurturing compost is a powerful breakthrough. Aventa Renew is the only compostable material that contains both biobased and certified recycled content using ISCC mass balance. This made-in-the-USA solution for the food service industry is a game changer.


Performs without compromise

Aventa Renew creates a range of packaging that performs like traditional plastic with uncompromising durability, a versatile look and a premium feel. Adopt a new industry standard for sustainability, demand zero sacrifices in performance and achieve your sustainability goals with Aventa Renew.


Composts sustainably 

Aventa Renew-based food service packaging is certified2 industrially compostable but also conveniently compostable in the backyard. It becomes a means to capture both food and packaging waste, giving consumers the option to toss both in the same bin. From there, it all returns to nature — enriching the soil and completing a regenerative, circular life cycle. 

 A white compost bucket overflowing with vegetable scraps.
A man looks at his laptop as he eats his salad with a fork made of Aventa Renew.

Prioritizing safety

Sound for people and planet

Broadly certified as sound for both people and the planet, Aventa Renew compostable materials will not leave behind remaining microplastics.

  • USDA-certified biobased product
  • U.S. FDA clearance for food-contact use

Sleeves rolled up for sustainability

Join our mission to create circular3 solutions that help solve the packaging waste problem. At Eastman, we don’t believe in greenwashing. We will be transparent about our products. We’re targeting sustainability holistically — from source, manufacturing and use to disposal and regeneration. Together, we’ll create and advance these circular solutions for food service packaging. We’ll be here to help ease adoption and empower your business to make a real difference. Our sleeves are rolled up for this journey toward an Earth-friendly future. Are yours?

1Eastman holds the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) Chain of Custody certification (license code FSC-C140711), representing the traceability of its wood-based raw materials.

2BPI-certified industrial compostable up to 10 mil film and 8 mil straw; TÜV AUSTRIA-certified industrial compostable up to 10 mil film; TÜV AUSTRIA-certified home compostable up to 7 mil straw

3In a circular economy, waste and pollution are purposefully designed out of the cycle. Products and materials are designed to remain in use perpetually, regenerating in a natural system.

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