Flexvue films

Flexvue™ films combine Eastman’s long history of developing and manufacturing flexible film-based products with our strong heritage of chemistry and material science expertise to provide our customers with flexible film solutions that unlock their product’s potential.

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Flexvue films offer unique process capabilities, enabling customers to create standout products in their respective markets.

With our applications and process development laboratories, we can help identify or design the most appropriate material or combination of materials to meet the simplest product requirements or the most advanced device demands.

Our products include thin-film vacuum deposition of metals and metal oxides by sputtering or evaporation, wet coating, lamination and specialty film dyeing processes to meet the demands of today and the flexible film needs of the future.

With a strong portfolio backed by years of experience and technical support, we can meet our customers’ dynamic and unique needs.

With a history of ongoing commitment to high quality and reliable manufacturing operations, proven global supply chain and distribution experience, and world-class technical support, we can meet our customers’ dynamic production needs and be a valuable partner for brands looking to differentiate their products.

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Regulatory compliance certifications

Flexvue films are manufactured in a clean-room environment to maintain consistent quality and comply with international standards. We’re committed to meeting our legal obligations under the European REACH regulation 1907/2006. At Eastman, we prioritize safety and quality. Our employees are dedicated to upholding the highest safety standards.

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