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The Embrace family of resins for shrink film helps make a big difference where it counts — on the shelf. Simply put, shrink sells. Embrace solutions optimize shrink labels, empowering designers to create more innovative, engaging and attractive packaging.

For more than a decade, Eastman has provided materials that set the highest standards of quality and performance for the shrink label market. Our diverse portfolio of resins helps brands create attention-grabbing packaging with high-definition clarity and 360-degree graphics that increase functionality and deliver sustainability.

Eastman Embrace Encore and our legacy materials — Embrace, Embrace LV and Embrace HY — provide toughness that helps labels stand up to rigorous demands. Visit our products page to learn more.

Eastman’s smart recycle portfolio

Eastman Embrace Encore copolyester was engineered for brands that want both shelf appeal and sustainability. This near drop-in replacement for existing shrink labels provides the aesthetics and performance that have made shrink labels the preferred choice of iconic brands for decades — now without compromising sustainability.

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We’ve delivered high-quality products to the shrink label market for more than a decade. Our superb aesthetics and functionality, combined with our PET compatibility, make Embrace your resin of choice.

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The Embrace family of resins increases functionality and delivers on sustainability.

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