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Eastman Embrace

For more than a decade, Eastman has provided materials that set the highest standards of quality and performance for the shrink label market. Our diverse Eastman Embrace™ family of resins helps brands create attention-grabbing packaging with high-definition clarity and 360-degree graphics that increase functionality and deliver on sustainability.

Our Embrace products provide toughness that helps labels stand up to rigorous demands.

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Stand out on shelves, not at the recycler

Eastman Embrace Encore — for recyclable shrink labels

  • Embrace Encore forms a versatile, clear shrink label that can be recycled at curbside. A crystallizable PET, Embrace Encore is fully compatible with PET bottle recycling streams when used with washable inks. For recyclers, it contributes to their overall rPET (recycled PET) yield.
  • Embrace Encore Renew contains certified recycled content* made via Eastman’s molecular recycling technologies, which have lower greenhouse gas emissions than traditional manufacturing processes and help keep plastic waste out of landfills.

The Eastman Embrace legacy

  • Embrace offers excellent printability, water-like clarity and greater than 75% shrinkage for use on highly contoured or complex containers.
  • Embrace LV is a versatile, one-resin solution that offers lower shrink force for use on thin-walled containers and optimal MD growth, enabling less material usage and virtually eliminating label smiles and frowns. It is also available with certified recycled content* as Embrace LV Renew.
  • Embrace HY is naturally white, slip resistant and soft to touch with superb ultraviolet (UV) and visible light-blocking capability — excellent for dairy beverage containers.

*Recycled content certified by ISCC using mass balance allocation.


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Our products not only make a difference on store shelves; they make a difference for our planet. Learn more about our end-of-life solutions for shrink sleeve labels.

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The Embrace family of resins increases functionality and delivers on sustainability.

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