Eastman Tenite cellulosics

Since 1929, Tenite cellulosics have been versatile, durable staples in the plastics industry. Tenite is recognized for its exceptional properties, including toughness, hardness, surface gloss, clarity, chemical resistance and warm tactile feel.

Tenite has been widely used in consumer product applications, from radios and telephones to toothbrushes and toys. It offers brands design flexibility because it can easily be molded, extruded or fabricated to a variety of products.

In line with Eastman's commitment to environmental consciousness, Tenite is exclusively made from 100% renewable, softwood materials. For more details, refer to our sustainable wood sourcing policy.

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Discover Tenite Renew

Adding certified recycled content to its biobased legacy, Tenite Renew is an even more sustainable version of this heritage material prized for its multiple benefits.

With more than 56% sustainable content,¹ Tenite Renew combines at least 36% biobased content² and at least 20% certified recycled content³ made from Eastman’s molecular recycling technologies, which use a variety of waste streams to create new value for materials that cannot be recycled by traditional methods.

Renew resins ensure consistent quality and identical properties to heritage materials that Eastman has provided to the industry for decades, meeting brands’ sustainability goals without compromising design or performance.

1With minimum 20% certified recycled content and minimum 36% biobased content; exact content can vary by formulation
2Biobased content measured to ASTM D6866-22 Method B
3Certified recycled content allocated using ISCC mass balance

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Flat lay of clear eyewear frames and components made of Tenite cellulosic plastic

Explore Tenite for eyewear

Combining the premium feel of acetate with the convenience of injection molding, Tenite is widely used in the eyewear industry for reader, prescription, and sunwear frames and components. It is renowned for its comfort on the face, colorability and unmatched adjustability.

Tenite Renew — a durable, sustainable eyewear material

With Tenite Renew, cost-conscious eyewear and fashion brands can offer premium frames with sustainability in mind for a high-end consumer experience.

Recognizing the importance of durability in daily use, we conduct rigorous testing on our materials to ensure resistance to common cleaning fluids, sweat and suntan lotions.

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Tenite Renew provides exceptional design flexibility and can be used in combination with other Renew materials to achieve a wide array of design and sustainability goals.

Whether you are handcrafting luxury frames from acetate sheet or injected frames for a broader audience, Eastman has sustainable material solutions for your needs.

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Explore Tenite applications

Tenite’s versatility extends beyond eyewear frames and allows Tenite Renew to be used in various applications, including materials, automotive parts, household appliances and medical devices.


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View Tenite products

Tenite Renew offers a wide range of product options with diverse specifications to cater to the unique needs of brands. Explore the list of products to find the one that meets your requirements.

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