Cosmetics brands can enhance their sustainability stories without compromising on aesthetics or performance with the Eastman Cristal portfolio of sustainable materials. Designers have ultimate creative freedom when they formulate with our materials. Get the high quality and ease of processing you've come to love from Cristal — now with high levels of certified recycled content.*

Often used for skin care jars, bottles, caps and color cosmetics because they offer excellent durability with high transparency and luster – even in thick-walled applications, Cristal materials create packages with great shelf appeal and prestigious appearance.

*Achieved by allocating recycled plastic waste to Cristal Renew using a mass balance process certified by ISCC

Sustainable cosmetic packaging solutions

Plastics play a vital role in our everyday lives, but plastic waste is simply unacceptable. One of the ways we’re addressing the world’s plastic waste problem is by offering more sustainable copolyesters. For every one million cosmetic jars made with Cristal Renew 50, Eastman will use 45.7 tons of plastic waste as a raw material, avoiding 17.7 tons of greenhouse gas emissions.

A person picks up a lip product from a store makeup display.

Recycled and recyclable | Cristal One Renew

For brands that need both beginning-of-life and end-of-life solutions, Eastman Cristal One Renew is our new RIC 1 resin that offers good color and high clarity in thick-wall applications. Cristal One comes as close as possible to the beauty and prestige of existing copolyesters in highly demanding applications.

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Recycled | Cristal Renew

Sustainability can come without compromise. Our Cristal Renew portfolio gives designers ultimate creative freedom with high levels of certified recycled content powered by our molecular recycling technologies. It’s all the clarity, luster, color compatibility and durability you’ve come to expect with an enhanced sustainability story.

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Close up clear makeup compact case.
Close up clear lip gloss package.

Recyclable | Cristal One

It’s the end-of-life solution you need. Cristal One enables cosmetic packaging to be recyclable while maintaining all the benefits of standard copolyesters. Its full PET recycling compatibility enables the Cristal One portfolio to perform for customers and keep plastic waste out of landfills.

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