Cristal applications

Experience design freedom

Our Cristal portfolio of recycled and recyclable resins offers solutions that meet both beginning-of-life and end-of-life needs in a wide variety of applications.

Close-up of an open, thick cosmetic jar


Injection-molded jars formulated with Cristal offer a luxurious feel and are great for thick- and thin-walled applications up to 12 mm that can be RIC 1 compatible. With refillable options, single- and dual-shot jars offer a luxe appearance.


Create glasslike bottle designs in complex shapes with Cristal. Available for extrusion blow molded, injection blow molded, and injection stretch blow molded bottles, Cristal is perfect for thick-walled (> 3 mm) applications and maintains brilliance.

Close-up of two clear bottles
Multiple makeup compact cases


Compacts made with Cristal can be injection molded and support refillable and mono-material options. Cristal compacts are chemical resistant, are durable and won’t warp.

Fragrance and skin care caps

Injection molded caps made with Cristal offer excellent chemical resistance and formulation compatibility. RIC 1 compatible materials are available for a great end-of-life story. Caps can be molded into complex designs in thick-walled applications while maintaining the clarity and color to set your package apart.​

Close-up of clear cosmetic caps
Two lip plumper bottles stacked together

Lipsticks and lip gloss vials

Lipsticks and lip gloss vials made with Cristal can be injection molded or injection blow molded. Cristal is a replacement for acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) and features excellent durability, thickness and design freedom in mono-materials. With its excellent clarity, Cristal helps you achieve true-shade representation on the shelf.

Close-up of a makeup compact case


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