Cristal Renew

Featuring high levels of certified recycled content,* our Cristal Renew portfolio provides the clarity, luster, color compatibility and durability that cosmetics brands demand from their packaging. Made using Eastman’s molecular recycling technologies, these materials meet rigorous performance standards and provide significant environmental benefits such as landfill diversion, resource conservation and reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

*Via mass balance allocation

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Is it virgin or renewed?

Cristal Renew copolyesters address one of the holy grails of the circular economy — the ability to turn plastic waste back into plastic that is indistinguishable from virgin product with no drop-off in aesthetics or performance. This means that, if you are using copolyesters today, you can put Eastman Renew products in your molds without making changes, saving a huge amount of time and money that would otherwise have to be invested in requalification.

Offered at scale with immediate availability for all grades, Cristal Renew features:

  • Drop-in performance with no mold changes required
  • No compromises in aesthetics or performance with excellent color and clarity
  • Landfill diversion, resource conservation and reduction in greenhouse gas emissions

“Eastman’s innovative molecular recycling technologies are playing a crucial role in helping LVMH achieve our sustainability targets. We are at the very beginning of our journey to meet our targets. With our first deadline in 2023, we need solutions that are available now and at a global scale, ensuring our customers experience these benefits immediately.”

– Hélène Valade, LVMH environmental development director

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Renew in action

From Dior to Shiseido, Cristal Renew makes cosmetic packaging just as beautiful as it is sustainable. Discover which brands are currently using our materials in their designs.

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Cristal Renew is made with molecular recycling technology that uses plastic waste as feedstock instead of fossil resources. These technologies break down plastic waste to its fundamental building blocks and use them to create new, high-performance materials. As a result, Cristal Renew offers brands the same level of performance and design freedom they have come to expect from Eastman’s resins for luxury cosmetic packaging.

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Renew your products

Our Cristal Renew materials are chemically identical to virgin materials, so there’s no drop-off in performance or aesthetics. And you can keep using your existing molds.

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