Eastman Optifilm enhancers

Help your interior and exterior paint achieve optimal performance and compliance with Eastman Optifilm™ enhancers. Our additives act as temporary plasticizers, softening latex particles to allow them to achieve maximum film formation in latex paints. 

Leverage Optifilm in your formulations to stay ahead of customer requirements and government regulations. Optifilm products are low-VOC, low-odor coalescents that are compatible with a variety of materials. They deliver excellent film integrity, touch-up properties, scrub resistance and exterior durability.

Two people are painting a wall lime green. One is standing on a tarp, and the other is standing on a step ladder that’s on the tarp.

Blend sustainability and performance

Optifilm additives enhance paint performance, improve safety and bolster formulator efficiency. Our products offer a range of benefits to users.

  • Compatibility with a range of latex types and paint additives
  • Good film formation
  • Improved performance
  • Easy to use
  • Low odor
  • Nonyellowing
  • Biodegradable
  • Low VOC
A man using a roller applies bluish-green paint to a wall.

Architectural and decorative coatings

Optifilm enhancers reduce emulsion wall-paint odor and make formulation easy. Our additives improve performance for a variety of gloss, matte and satin paints while improving open time.

Industrial and manufacturing

The low viscosity and volatility of Optifilm enhancers make them ideal for wood and coil coatings as well as process solvents and general industrial coatings. They work well with associative thickeners and improve rheology, flexibility and adhesion.

A gloved person brushes wood stain onto an exterior wood surface.
Light blue paint pours into a bucket.

Discover the product portfolio

Paint formulators and users will find Optifilm can meet a range of their needs. Look through our product finder to see how our enhancers can improve your offerings.


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