Eastman coalescents

Product spotlight: Eastman coalescents offer peace of mind for performance and environmental impact

An increased spotlight on what goes into paint products has left manufacturers and formulators taking a second look at the ingredients in their products. The Green Seal stamp of approval gives them one less thing to worry about. Green Seal’s certification means the global nonprofit has confirmed the product is safer for human health and the environment than comparable offerings on the market while maintaining quality.

Eastman coalescents can give your company peace of mind in that regard. Eastman’s Optifilm™ enhancer 400 has earned Green Seal certification, meaning anyone using these products will meet both regulatory and quality expectations.

Any product earning the seal has met Green Seal’s scientifically backed health and durability testing. OE400 is compatible with a variety of latexes and has been verified as a low-odor and low-VOC-emitting coalescent.

The coalescent is inherently biodegradable, enables hypoallergenic paint and is not a hazardous air pollutant. This enables formulators to offer high-quality solutions that also provide sustainability benefits. It maintains these standards while providing nonyellowing qualities and stability in high-pH coatings for automotive, marine, industrial coatings and a range of other applications. OE400 contributes little to the emission profile of the paint it’s used in, eliminating the need for redevelopment as formulators look to meet new environmental regulations.

“Over the past decade, sustainability at Eastman has evolved into a fundamental pillar of our organization,” said Levi Aray, segment market manager for Eastman’s decorative coatings business. “We continue to develop new and enhanced coatings solutions that protect our customers’ products and the planet. We look forward to helping businesses thrive while doing our part to maintain the environment.”

OE400 is not the only industry-leading coalescent Eastman makes available. Eastman Texanol™ remains the gold standard among coalescing aids. It leads the market in versatility and efficiency, proving effective with most latexes and at low levels. Its low flammability rating and freezing point make it easy to use in manufacturing, and its minimal water solubility allows it to withstand harsh weather. Texanol has been trusted for years with road markings, auto refinishing products, architectural coatings and a range of other products.

Green Seal develops its certification programs for products and services based on performance, health and sustainability criteria. The organization also offers a public repository listing that advertises certified paints — a certification that Eastman can help paint manufacturers achieve with its coalescents.

OE400 was first certified by Green Seal in 2022. Green Seal-certified products range from cleaning supplies to floor care products and bathroom products. Contact your Eastman representative to learn how Eastman coalescents can help meet your organization’s sustainability targets.

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