Eastman EastaPure electronic chemicals

EastaPure electronic chemicals combine proven technology with next-generation thinking to meet the rigorous purity needs required in the industry. Our ultrapure solvents, ketones and acids can help companies create powerful, sophisticated devices that will meet stringent demands. EastaPure products test for contaminants in the parts-per-billion and parts-per-trillion range, and a dedicated team of specialists is ready to respond to product, handling, customer service and logistic issues with the utmost care.

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The pursuit of perfection

Semiconductor manufacturers require specialized, high-purity solvents that enable highly efficient processes and reduce the risk of poor quality and the costs that come along with it. As chip size shrinks and industry demands grow, Eastman knows that purity counts.

EastaPure electronic chemicals are the result of decades of proven experience combined with world-class testing to achieve ever-evolving purity standards. These ultrapure solvents are made in world-class manufacturing facilities and housed in dedicated storage equipment to keep contaminants out. Meanwhile, specialized resources and in-house production controls ensure product reliability. Our dedicated technical support team is also available to troubleshoot and suggest the right product.

Whether you require solvents for photolithography, wet etching, wet cleaning, and packaging processes or a customized solution for novel process development, EastaPure solvents can deliver the solution you need.

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EastaPure’s quality is ensured through its manufacturing process. From comprehensive material testing to multiple purification steps to the most stringent shipping measures, Eastman makes sure the final product reaches customers in the cleanest condition possible.

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Clean room

Eastman operates its own on-site, world-class clean room that provides continuous monitoring and purity certification. This state-of-the-art facility ensures material quality stability and minimizes material excursion events to meet the needs of our customers.

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Robust product portfolio

The EastaPure line incorporates a variety of solutions to meet manufacturers’ and asset owners’ unique needs. Our dedicated experts can help determine which is right for you.

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