EastaPure clean room

EastaPure is developed in Eastman’s class 1000 clean room, a world-class facility that provides constant certificate of analysis. Chemicals made here are measured at parts-per-billion and up to parts-per-trillion levels on an inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer (ICP-MS). The room is equipped with instrumentation, an air particle counter, a clean bench work area and clean hoods.

Scientists covered in personal protective equipment drop liquid into a container
A scientist examines liquid through a magnifying glass

When purity counts

The intricacies of the manufacturing process demand solvents that are ultrapure to prevent impurities but still delicate enough to not damage any metallic components. Eastman’s clean room ensures the purest quality for EastaPure products, which are tested for 26 different metal contaminants.
  • Time savings
  • Cost savings
  • Quality assurance
  • Improved calibration standards
  • Dedicated analysts and technicians
  • Increased personal protective equipment (PPE)

Storage and handling

EastaPure products are stored and shipped in special packaging containers for drum, bulk and tank-truck orders. Special handling is maintained throughout the loading and storage process to minimize contamination once products leave the clean room, including closed-door leading and dedicated piping and storage equipment.

Technicians sample EastaPure products for metal content when chemicals are transferred from shipping containers. Customers then receive a certificate of analysis to verify product purity. Documented processes minimize controllable contamination at this and all steps of the logistics process.

A scientist holds a vial in a clean room

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