The EastaPure difference

In the pursuit of perfection, every detail matters. That’s why semiconductor manufacturers look for the EastaPure difference.

Lab technician inspecting a round object

Quality at every step

Eastman has taken steps at all parts of the manufacturing and shipping process to ensure Eastman EastaPure™ electronic chemicals meet the most stringent quality standards.

Product and assets

  • Solvents with metal content less than 1 parts per billion (ppb) for most EastaPure products
  • Dedicated storage tanks
  • Specialized material loading

Process and quality control

  • Documented process that minimizes controllable contamination
  • Multiple quality control and analysis processes across steps, starting with examining the raw materials
  • Specialized material loading

Sampling and lab

  • Two-way sample split with PTFE bottles
  • In-house clean-room testing with ICP-MS
  • Trustworthy metrology


  • Dedicated, cross-functional resources (operations, quality, product management and analytical)
  • Coordinated logistics support

Grade expectations

EastaPure electronic chemicals come with extra support and specialized handling, ensuring you get a solution that best fits your needs.

  Technical grade EastaPure grade
Sales specifications
As stated on sales specifications sheet Customizable
Process change notification system
None or limited Comprehensive advance notification for planned changes; ASAP notification of unplanned changes
Metal testing
None; no guarantee in sales specification 21 metals tested to agreed-on limits; able to add more as needed
Ion-exchange resinbed treatment
No Customizable
Specialized material handling None; open-air loading, no tank pickling, shared piping Closed-dome loading, tank pickling, dedicated piping
Purity — assay and contaminants Assay and contaminant level guarantees defined by sales specifications Customizable
Nonvolatile matter limits Not tested Customizable
Audits; transparency None or rare Customizable
Quality guarantee; control limits Can only return if it does not meet Eastman sales specifications; no production to control limits Can return/reject if does not meet agreed-on specifications; statistical control-limit manufacturing possible
Lab technician examines liquid through a magnifying glass

Clean room

Eastman operates its own world-class, on-site clean room that provides continuous monitoring and purity certification. This state-of-the-art facility ensures material quality stability and minimizes material excursion events to meet the needs of our customers.

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