Eastman AQ™ 2350 Copolyester
Eastman AQ™ 2350 Copolyester

  • Hot Melt Adhesives
Key Attributes
  • Approved for indirect Food Contact applications
  • Commercially available
  • Good adhesive performance characteristics
  • MITI approved
  • Non-dispersible in ionic environments
  • Odorless
  • Readily dispersible
Product Description
Eastman AQ™ 2350 copolyester is an odorless water-dispersible sulfopolyester incorporated as a base polymer raw material for water-dispersible hot melt adhesives. Eastman's branched sulfopolyesters can have a distinct odor that is not desirable in selected applications. This new AQ 2350 odorless polyester represents the advantages of both the linear and branched compositional families. This product is inherently water-dispersible due to the random incorporation of 5-sodiosulfoisophthalate units within the polymer backbone. AQ 2350 is compatible with hydrophobic polar tackifies, glycol containing oils which allows for a variety of hot melt adhesives to be formulated. These finished adhesives are then rendered water-dispersible by the efficacy of this polyester as a surfactant. Suggested end use applications include non-woven "flushable" assemblies, recyclable packaging and pressures sensitive products.

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