Eastman BioExtend™ 30 Antioxidant Solution
Eastman BioExtend™ 30 Antioxidant Solution

Chemical Synonym: Antioxidant Solution

  • Biodiesel Fuel
Key Attributes
  • Amenable to conventional pumping systems
  • Flashpoint 46°C
  • Formulated for extreme cold—stable at -25°C
  • Low odor
  • Low-viscosity liquid solution—no premixing
  • Metal chelator protects against metal contamination
  • Outstanding performance at low concentrations
  • Revitalizes oxidized fuel
Product Description

Revitalize biodiesel. Reinvigorate sales.

With superior performance at low concentrations, Eastman BioExtend™ 30 antioxidant solution slows down the oxidation process to prolong the shelf life of your biodiesel. What's more, you can also use it to revitalize oxidized fuel—and reinvigorate your sales in the process.

BioExtend 30 is a combination of MTBHQ, a powerful antioxidant, and an effective metal chelating agent. This specific dual-functioning system significantly boosts anti-oxidative performance. Laboratory testing shows the benefits of re-treating with BioExtend 30 to improve oxidative stability.

After weeks of accelerated aging, the reintroduction of Eastman BioExtend™ 30 antioxidant solution was found to improve oxidative stability that had declined with time. Even after 12 weeks, there was a substantial improvement. This improved stability through re-treating can be an advantage to producers who are required to ship their biodiesel overseas or store biodiesel for extended periods of time.

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