Eastman BioExtend™ 30 HP Antioxidant Solution
Eastman BioExtend™ 30 HP Antioxidant Solution

  • Biodiesel Fuel
Key Attributes
  • Amenable to conventional pumping systems
  • Flashpoint 73°C
  • Formulated for extreme cold—stable at -25°C
  • Low odor
  • Low-viscosity liquid solution—no premixing
  • Metal chelator protects against metal contamination
  • No-harm certified by AGQM for sales in Europe
  • Outstanding performance at low concentrations
Product Description

A certifiably better alternative

For those planning to sell their biodiesel in European markets and need an antioxidant additive to protect fuel stability, Eastman BioExtend™ 30 HP high-performance additive is the ideal choice.

Through independent testing by AGQM, BioExtend 30 HP earned no-harm certification. This certification is based on predetermined criteria for compatibility with biodiesel and B10 blends, engine oil, engine nozzle fouling, and diesel additives.

Increasingly, international markets are requiring no-harm certification for biodiesel to be eligible for sale. Coupled with the solution's excellent performance, AGQM's accreditation makes BioExtend 30 HP the product of choice for improving the oxidative stability of biodiesel and blends up to B10.

In fact, Eastman BioExtend 30 HP outperformed BHT and 12 other commercial antioxidants in providing excellent initial and long-term oxidative stability in an undistilled 70% rapeseed/30% soy biodiesel. Click the link to the literature below to learn more.

As a result, use of BioExtend 30 HP not only opens up new markets but—as an additive that helps you produce a superior product—can also open doors to new market share, as well.

Product Availability : Europe, Middle East & Africa | Latin America | North America

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