Eastalite™ Copolyester MP007F
Eastalite™ Copolyester MP007F

  • Medical kits
  • Medical mounting cards
  • Opaque medical and pharmaceutical packaging
  • Thermoformed packaging
  • Work-in-process trays
Key Attributes
  • Can be recycled with other copolyesters for use in nonmedical post-consumer markets
  • Color and functional stability following ethylene oxide (EtO), gamma or e-beam irradiation, or gas plasma sterilization
  • Compliant with applicable sections of ISO 11607 including microbial barrier
  • Complies with select ISO 10993 requirements for biocompatibility of medical devices
  • Decreased thermoforming cycle time and energy use
  • Greater design flexibility including durability, easy printing, deep undercuts, long-life hinges, enhanced product protection
  • Greater tear and flex strength than more brittle and crack susceptible HIPS
  • Light blocking and opacity
  • Light weight Styrene-free alternative
  • Made without other materials of concern, including Latex, Butadiene, BPA and bisphenol S (BPS), ortho-phthalates, PVC, halogens
  • Meets environmentally preferable purchasing guidelines
  • Minimal generation of particulates and angel hair when trimmed or cut
  • Minimal stress whitening
  • Provides good heat seal performance to common lidding materials used with copolyesters
  • Surface modifications are not necessary for COF and blocking force control
  • Sustainable LCA -The global warming potential per tray is 0.33 kg CO2-eq/tray made using MP007F
  • Temperature insulating effect
Product Description
Eastalite™ Foamed Copolyester MP007F with nonporous Eastar™ Copolyester 6763 skins is an opaque, amorphous material with a closed foam structure useful for medical packaging. It is normally white/pearlescent in appearance but may also be colored using Eastman resins and concentrates.

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