Saflex® HP, DM Plastic Interlayer
Saflex® HP, DM Plastic Interlayer

  • Architectural (windows, doors, curtain walls, skylights, railings)
  • Automotive (windscreens, side windows, sunroofs)
Product Description

Saflex® HP is a polyvinyl butyral or PVB sheet when laminated between two sheets of glass brings safety, security, acoustic and other benefits to automotive and architectural glazing.

Architectural Applications:
In buildings, laminated glass with Saflex® PVB protects occupants from accidental glass impact, fallout or breakage due to storms, earthquakes and other natural disasters. Plus, laminated glass provides security due to bomb blast, ballistics and burglaries. To learn more visit www.saflex.com /architectural.

Automotive Applications:
For automotive applications, laminated windscreens featuring Saflex® PVB enhances passenger safety in the event of collisions. Increasingly, automotive manufacturers are benefitting from other attributes of laminated glass in terms of passenger comfort with quieter cabins, UV screening, and the convenience of head up displays. Plus, acoustic windscreens provide the added benefit of reducing glass usage which translates into improved mileage performance by reducing car weight.

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