Decorative Vinyl Window Films W/ PS Adhesive
Decorative Vinyl Window Films W/ PS Adhesive

  • Architectural (smooth-surfaced glass windows or glass paneling)
Product Description

These products are vinyl-based decorative window films with a pressure sensitive mounting adhesive and a clear or paper release liner intended for smooth glass surface applications. These films have printed patterns and/or surface texturing to diffuse light. The release liner is removed immediately prior to installation and the film is applied to smooth glass surfaces using either a surfactant based water solution or (in some cases) dry application methods.

Architectural Applications:
These products provide various aesthetic benefits via artistic patterns or optical diffusing or scattering effects to architectural glazing, inter-office glass panels, and residential windows (including bathroom glass panels). They are available in a variety of optical densities/opacities (ranging from opaque black to solid white) and provide a full range of privacy ratings, ranging on a scale of 0 (no privacy) to 10 (complete loss of transparency with 100% privacy). Intended for interior surface applications, they should not be used under conditions of direct (exterior) solar exposure. Solar exposure applications are permitted on the roomside (interior facing) surfaces of exterior facing glazing systems. To learn more visit www.llumar.com.

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