Choline hydroxide 45% (CB45)
Choline hydroxide 45% (CB45)

CAS Number: 123-41-1

Chemical Synonym: Choline base; C-base

  • Electronics industry
  • Paints, coatings & resins
Product Description

Choline base is a strong organic base. It finds its application in cleaning and degreasing of metal surfaces. Eastman uses ultrapure water to produce choline base. This allows the product to be used in microelectronics manufacturing in formulations for wafer cleaning and developers.

Choline base tends to decompose slowly upon storage and when heated, resulting in release of trimethylamine and discoloration of the liquid. Eastman developed a stabiliser to cope with these unwanted effects. The stabiliser is based on high boiling organic compounds, avoiding the introduction of mineral anionic components.

Choline base is a 45% aqueous solution.

Choline base finds its major application as ingredient of cleaning and developer formulations in the microelectronics industry.

Choline base can be used as cleaning and degreasing agent in the metal industry. Removal of grease from carbodies, before phosphatation and application of the CED – coating, is a typical example.

Choline base can be used in paint stripping formulations.

Choline base can be used as a corrosion inhibitor.

Choline base can be used for H2S removal from gas streams.

Choline base can be used for the synthesis of choline salts. Choline salts like choline bitartrate and choline citrate are used in nutraceuticals, baby food, etc. Choline chloride – formerly known as vitamine B4 - is mainly used as a growth promotor in animal feed.

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