DEHA anhydrous
DEHA anhydrous

CAS Number: 3710-84-7

Chemical Synonym: N-Ethyl-N-Hydroxy-Ethanamine; Diethylhydroxylamine Anhydrous

  • Electronics industry
  • Metalworking and functional fluids
  • Polymer manufacture
  • Water treatment solutions
Product Description

DEHA Anhydrous is available as a light yellow liquid with an amine-like odor.

DEHA products are manufactured by the reaction of a triethylamine and a peroxide, followed by purification and distillation. Eastman manufactures DEHA Anhydrous and DEHA 85%.

Both DEHA Anhydrous and DEHA 85% function primary as radical and oxygen scavengers.

DEHA is used in boiler water treatment applications, as an oxygen scavenger for medium and high pressure boilers. DEHA also functions as a free radical scavenger in polymerization, it is a short stopper in the production of styrene butadiene rubber.

Beyond its application as scavenger, DEHA is also used in refinery chemicals and other niche markets, such as:

  • Microelectronics industry: for example, DEHA is formulated to remove residual photoresist and other residue from microelectronic parts.
  • Photographic industry: DEHA is blended with other chemicals to produce good color development.
  • The reduction of toxic heavy metals such as hexavalent chromium to their more environmentally-friendly counterparts such as trivalent chromium is done using an aqueous solution containing DEHA.

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