Eastman™ Choline Chloride 75
Eastman™ Choline Chloride 75

CAS Number: 67-48-1

Chemical Synonym: (2-Hydroxyethyl) Trimethylammonium Chloride; Choline Chloride

  • Clay Stabilizer
Key Attributes
  • Fully compatible with typical drilling muds and hydraulic fracturing fluids
  • High performing clay stabilizer for water-based fluids – 3 times more effective than KCl
  • Safe chemical with excellent environmental profile
Product Description

Choline Chloride 75 can be used as a clay stabilizer, whose function it is to prevent clay swelling in the shale rocks and minimize the migration of clay fines and can replace materials such as quaternary ammonium salts and KCl.

Eastman produces Choline Chloride as an aqueous solution: a clear, to light amber and nearly odorless liquid. The material comes in a variety of concentrations, the most common ones being 70% and 75%.

Choline Chloride can be used as one of the chemical additives in fracturing fluids.

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