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Protural™ contains 99% active sodium benzoate and is registered in the E.U. as a zootechnical feed additive (E.U identification number 4d 5) for an application in piglet feeds with the potential to improve the performance in weaned piglets. Protural™ is a highly soluble source of sodium benzoate and will easily turn into benzoic acid in the acidic environment of the stomach.

This endogenous benzoic acid is highly dispersible and may have a greater anti-microbial activity throughout the gastro-intestinal tract than the common industrial benzoic acid products. Trials have shown that Protural™ controls the intestinal microflora and improves animal performance. Final weight, daily growth and FCR are significantly improved in weaning piglets.

Similar to benzoic acid, it is metabolised to hippuric acid and may acidify the urine and reduce ammonia emissions to the environment. Protural™ is also an organic source of sodium without chloride and allows replacing partially salt, increasing the dEB (dietary electrolyte balance).

Composition: Protural™ is a white powder or granular source of 99% Na-benzoate specially developed for weaned piglets up to 35 kg.

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