Formic Acid A-15
Formic Acid A-15

  • Chemical processes requiring the in situ generation of peracid (e.g. epoxidation of unsaturated oils)
  • Dyeing of amino group containing fibers in leather and textile industry
  • Industrial cleaning and de-scaling
  • Pickling step in the leather tanning process
Product Description

Formic acid A-15 is an activated formic acid with enhanced acidification and pH adjustment properties. A special mineral acid grade is used as activator ensuring desired properties:

  • pKa value low, keeping carboxylic acids longer undissociated
  • High stability and safety during storage, transport and use
  • Low corrosiveness to stainless steel (e.g. types AISI 304, AISI 316 L)
  • Density and Viscosity close to formic acid (ease of use)
  • Acidity somewhat stronger than with pure formic acid

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