Monomethylamine 50% aqueous solution (MMA50)
Monomethylamine 50% aqueous solution (MMA50)

CAS Number: 74-89-5

Chemical Synonym: Methylamine; Methanamine; Aminomethane; Carbinamine; Mercurialin; Methylaminen; Metilamine; Metyloamina; MMA

  • Animal Nutrition
  • Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals
  • Electronics industry
  • Oil & Gas Treatment
  • Pulp & Paper industry
  • Water treatment solutions
Product Description

Monomethylamine 50% aqueous solution (MMA50) is a versatile building block that is used in a wide variety of applications. We produce a number of MMA derivatives like NMP, metam sodium, MMEA and MDEA.

For other applications we sell the MMA in the free market. We have identified over 70 different applications for MMA, in pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, surfactants, explosives,…

MMA is available in 2 forms :

  • as anhydrous liquified gas, MMA 100%
  • as aqueous solution, MMA 40, 50 and 60%

We operate our own container fleet for MMA 100%, to guarantee a high quality service.


Boiling point of an aqueous solution of monomethylamine, at atmospheric pressure, as a function of % by weight:

Density of anhydrous monomethylamine in the liquid state, as a function of temperature:

Density of aqueous solutions of monomethylamine, as a function of % by weight:

Heat of vaporization of anhydrous monomethylamine, as a function of temperature:

Specific heat of anhydrous monomethylamine, as a function of temperature:

a. in the vapour state:

b. in the liquid state:

Vapour pressure of anhydrous monomethylamine and aqueous solutions, as a function of temperature:

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