Eastman Estron™ acetate tow

Eastman manufactures Estron™ acetate tow as a bundle or band of continuous fibers packaged in a bale. The acetate tow bales are sold to customers for use as one component in the production of cigarette filters.


Cellulose acetate tow is a biobased cellulosic fiber, that is biodegradable in soil and under industrial and home composting conditions.

Sustainably harvested trees

Eastman Estron™ acetate tow is derived from wood pulp, a renewable resource derived from trees grown in responsibly managed forests and produced in a near closed loop process where waste is either recycled, reused, or offered for sale. See our sustainable wood pulp sourcing policy for more information.

Recycled back into the system

During the production of Estron™, production solvents are recycled back into the system to be cleaned and used again and again. This creates a near closed-loop system that ensures all waste is either reused or offered for resale.

Sustainability and safety

We care about the safety and well-being of our employees, the environment, and our global communities, so we operate under corporate-wide sustainability and safety initiatives. Learn more at eastman.com/sustainability.


Eastman Estron™ acetate tow is also biodegradable in specific environments, making end-of-life solutions a possibility. Sustainability throughout the lifecycle of our product is key, and we are committed to further advancements in this area. Reach out to your Eastman contact for more information.