Performance films for advanced point-of-care diagnostics

At Eastman, we provide world-class sputtered films and sputtered film alternatives that meet end users’ need for accuracy while providing brand owners with a menu of choices for tailored applications and lower-cost substitutes. Our research and product development expertise improve point-of-care efficacy and allow us to stay ahead of the changing requirements of the dynamic global health care industry. Manufactured to meet customer specifications and slit into narrow widths in environmentally controlled clean rooms, Eastman Flexvue™ films provide the reliability demanded in the medical industry—time after time and roll after roll.

Specializing in sputtered films

Flexvue films offer tunable properties for the flexible electrodes—ranging from opaque to highly transparent—with sheet resistance from 50 ohm/square down to values below 10 ohm/square. In some cases, catalysts can be added to improve efficiency or special electrode materials can be deposited for chemically aggressive environments.

Flexvue conductive films are the most dependable in the industry, helping ensure that critical devices work the first time, every time. These films feature cutting-edge, vacuum-coated materials and processes to create a variety of flexible electrode products. Our manufacturing and application development expertise allows us to offer tailored electrode films for specialized point-of-care applications; we can also help bring new solutions to market to improve established products, such as blood glucose monitoring test strips.

We are capable of sputtering thin films on flexible substrates with thicknesses ranging from 48 to 1,000 gauge or 12 to 250 microns. A state-of-the art, clean-room manufacturing facility and strict quality controls enable us to provide only the highest level of consistency for a wide range of performance properties, including:

  • Coating thickness (5 to 3,000 angstroms)
  • Light transmission from 94% VLT to opaque
  • Optical density from 0.023 to 4.0
  • Sheet resistance from 0.03 to 2,000 ohms per square

The medical device industry changes rapidly. With Eastman Flexvue conductive films, you’re ensured of technology that can adapt along with the market. To see how we can advance your vision in point-of-care medical devices, contact us.

Innovation & Reliability

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Innovation and reliability in the face of an ever-changing medical industry.