Deep-dyed films provide protection from UV rays and more

Eastman Flexvue dyed films utilize both water- and solvent-based dyeing processes to produce custom colors of all types, ranging from basic black to fluorescents and patterns.

First developed in the mid-1950s, our proprietary process for deep dyeing today generates a comprehensive selection of the most advanced dyed and colored polyester films available. In a state-of-the-art clean room manufacturing environment, we impregnate dyestuffs and UV absorbers throughout the matrix of the film substrate, preventing flakes, scratches, rub offs, or streaks.

These dyed films are used in a wide range of product applications including protective laminates for electronic, solar energy, and medical applications, solar control films, and specialty UV-absorbing films that block 97% of damaging ultraviolet radiation.

Deep-dyeing technology is available on film thicknesses ranging from 48 gauge to 14.0 mils (12 to 350 microns) and available substrates include filled, unfilled, matte or scratch-brushed polyester (PET), polyethylene naphthalate (PEN), and other required substrate materials.

  • Light transmission from 85% VLT5 (lower at some wavelengths)
  • Optical density from 0.10 to 1.3
  • UV protection up to 97% absorption

Flexvue deep-dyed films may also be metallized for heightened brilliance.