Synergex™ multifunctional amine additives

Our Synergex amine additives significantly boost performance while extending the life of metalworking fluids.

Synergex–A low-odor N-alkylalkanolamine (AAA) ideal for pH adjustment in semisynthetic and full-synthetic emulsion lubricants, Synergex has been known for decades to be an optimal amine additive for use in metalworking fluids. It provides for exceptional biological control and greatly enhanced colloid (emulsion, dispersion) stability. Overall, Synergex allows for extended fluid life with an impressive balance of benefit and cost.

Synergex T–A high-performance tertiary amine additive capable of boosting the performance of metalworking fluids, Synergex T is a very low-odor, low/zero-VOC N-alkylalkanolamine ideal for use as a neutralizing agent in semisynthetic and full-synthetic emulsion lubricants where VOC and/or secondary amine issues are a concern. With very low vapor pressure and volatility, Synergex T allows for significantly extended fluid life.

Synergex T Plus–An excellent multipurpose tertiary amine additive, Synergex T Plus offers very low vapor pressure and ideal partition properties. The partition coefficient of Synergex T Plus between oil and water ensures that this valuable additive is present and active in both phases of an oil/water emulsion. It is the best choice for emulsion and pH stability when enhanced biological control is needed. In particular, Synergex T Plus can be a useful part of mycobacteria control strategies. Fluids formulated with Synergex T Plus amine additive provide stable performance for extended periods of time.

Synergex LA–As a hydrophobic tertiary N,N-dialkylalkanolamine ideal for use in combination with a hydrophilic primary alkanolamine like MIPA, using Synergex LA combined with MIPA provides biostabilizing activity on the order of similar combinations such as DCHA/MIPA. Synergex LA is sometimes preferred over more hydrophilic alternatives in high oil semisynthetic and high oil soluble fluids.

MDEA–The ideal low-VOC tertiary amine for use as a bulk neutralizing agent in all types of metalworking fluids, MDEA exhibits very low odor and provides for the performance benefits of typical tertiary AAAs.