TamiSolve™ NxG

Eastman ​TamiSolve™ NxG

Eastman TamiSolve™ NxG is a next-generation, high-performing solvent. TamiSolve NxG has been shown to perform well in a variety of applications and has favorable safety, health and environmental profiles. TamiSolve NxG is a high boiling, polar aprotic solvent that has a good solvency for a wide range of compounds and has high chemical and thermal stability. It is a candidate to effectively replace NMP (N-methylpyrrolidone) or NEP (N-ethylpyrrolidone) in a number of applications with the advantage that TamiSolve NxG is not classified for developmental toxicity. Increasing regulatory requirements have created an urgent market need for safer solvents and Eastman is leading the way with the development of TamiSolve NxG.

Key Applications

PUD Coatings and AdhesivesInks Paints
Micro-electronics Specialty polymer coatingsChemical Synthesis


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