In this business, there’s no such thing as overprotection.

Industrial coatings requirements

Whether the jobsite is a field of crops, heavy construction zone, or quarry, workers and supervisors place many demands on their equipment. In these rough and rugged environments, equipment must be both durable and resistant to weathering and corrosion.

Tetrashield technology helps create coatings that maintain their appearance, improve weatherability, and safeguard equipment from the effects of harmful chemicals and fluids. Also, durable coatings extend service life, which can improve resale value. Whether you need protection against the sun, salt, or sludge, Tetrashield helps preserve your equipment.

Additionally, Tetrashield resins can be formulated in a wide range of solids to help formulators and OEMs meet more stringent VOC and emission targets wherever their operations are located.

Tetrashield IC3000 and Tetrashield IC3020 offer superior resin performance through the use of a unique monomer known as TMCD. The monomer structure enables a unique combination of performance characteristics:

  • Distinctive resin solubility properties
  • Compatibility with common formulation materials
  • Hardness development while maintaining coating flexibility

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