Why use Eastman Tetrashield™ protective resin systems?

Using Eastman Tetrashield™ protective resin systems in metal coating formulations let can makers and brands experience superior durability, flexibility, and longevity for food and beverage cans. Whether seeking greater coating functionality or faster coating times, Tetrashield resin technology can provide advanced protective capabilities for the can coating industry.

Formulator benefits

  • Meets emerging safety regulations without sacrificing performance or durability
  • Formulation flexibility to efficiently customize solutions for performance needs
  • Industry-leading technical support and starting point formulations
  • Enables higher-solids formulations with potential to reduce environmental impact

Can-maker benefits

  • Withstands demanding manufacturing processes
  • Excellent application parameters that fit into existing production methods
  • Film build and film-drying benefits contribute to process efficiency impact

Brand owner benefits

  • BPA-NI and styrene free
  • Improves shelf life with unique balance of safety and durability
  • Contributes to consumer trust and brand protection

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